What’s New in Mix Tank 3.0?

*** Winner of AgProfessional magazine's Readers' Choice 2011 Top Product of the Year Award! ***

Mix Tank from Precision Laboratories is an iPhone and Android smartphone app designed to assist agricultural applicators with the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products. Mix Tank also captures product use rates and application information with Mix Sheets and conveniently maintains accurate Spray Logs for easy record keeping.

Following the proper mixing sequence helps users prevent product incompatibilities and can save applicators time and money by avoiding product loss and sprayer cleanout problems.

The available Weather Integration feature within the Spray Log helps applicators prevent spray drift risk by displaying weather information, including wind speed and direction, prior to spraying, assisting with documentation and compliance.


  • Mix Guide: Receive a recommended mixing order based on the products selected.
  • Mix Sheet: Enter field size, spray volume, tank size and product use rates and receive rate per acre, per tank and per field for accurate documentation and compliance. Easily share to integrate with existing records.
  • Spray Logs: Stopwatch and notifications (every 60 minutes) allow you to conveniently record GPS location, time spent spraying and weather details. A notes section also allows for additional record keeping.
  • Weather Integration: Provides wind speed and direction, temperature and conditions integrated with Spray Logs, helping reduce spray drift risks by capturing weather conditions prior to spraying (in-app purchase).
  • Mixing Precautions: Alerts users of potential tank mixing issues. Note: if an issue is not listed, please let us know through the feedback section and it will be added after review .
  • My Favorites: Select your most-used products for easy access.
  • Enhanced Sharing: Email, Facebook and Twitter.


Improper mixing sequence of crop protection products can cause incompatibility problems, lost spraying time from plugged sprayer nozzles, and the risk of cross contamination problems later. Simple mixing errors will cost time and money.

Mix Tank determines the correct mixing sequence of crop protection tank mixes and helps users avoid product incompatibilities. It can save applicators time and money by avoiding product loss and sprayer cleanout problems. Mixing precautions and known incompatibilities are included.

With the spray log, applicators can focus on spraying, while the app documents spraying time and the number of intervals. As drift control regulation increases, the available weather integration helps reduce spray drift risks by relaying and capturing weather conditions prior to spraying. Users don't need to worry about stopping the spray log timer – the app will present reminders every 60 minutes. Spray log management assists with documentation and compliance and adds operational efficiencies.

When spraying is complete, all details are listed in the spray log, along with the mixing sequence. There's also a notes section to add additional information. The enhanced sharing functionality includes all spray log details directly within the email, making documentation and recordkeeping easier.

Included is a database of over 1,300 crop protection products from over 17 manufacturers. Mixing orders can contain up to 19 products from the following categories:

  • Herbicides (includes PGRs and Defoliants)
  • Fungicides (includes Bactericides)
  • Insecticides (includes Miticides and IGRs)
  • Adjuvants
  • Foliar Nutrition

* Winner of AgProfessional magazine’s Readers’ Choice 2011 Top Product of the Year Award! *

* Highly Commended for the "Best Stewardship Program" at the 2012 AGROW AWARDS!*

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Precision Laboratories manufactures specialized chemistries that enhance plants, seeds, soil and water. With divisions in agricultural chemistry, seed enhancements, foliar nutrition, turf and ornamentals, Precision Laboratories has been an industry innovator for over 50 years.

Please read and follow all labels to ensure product compatibility.

*Mixing precautions and crop protection products will be added at the discretion of Precision Laboratories, LLC.